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A proven methodology to quickly replace a legacy application in PaaS and accelerate modernization thanks to Azure services

The need for a rapid digital transformation of organizations has never been so strong and requires major evolutions of the IS. Paradoxically, application redesigns are long, costly and risky. With PaaS modernization, Rampar offers you an alternative.

Our 3-phases approach


Identify opportunities and validate technical feasibility

Azure Replatforming

Take back control of the application, perpetuate and secure


Create value quickly and affordably compared to a complete overhaul

The advantages of our methodology

Speed and

cost control

  • Using Azure Services
  • Reusing the majority of existing code
  • Using modern frameworks
Replatforming in Azure generally completed in less than 3 months



  • Little or no impact on business logic
  • Agile and pragmatic approach
  • Proven migration methodology
A complete modernization of the application for 1/3 of the cost of an overhaul

Value contribution

to business teams

  • Implementation of functional changes in addition to replatforming
  • Simplification and acceleration of deployments
  • Compliance
Bug fixes and compliance with Azure migration

The benefits

Simplification of future functional evolutions
Reduction of outsourcing and infrastructure costs
Improved security
Improved agility and development of devops culture

Rampar's expertise in replatforming allowed us to migrate an application quickly to Azure PaaS with no business impact. The immediate benefits were the use of the latest versions of software solutions to improve security, reduced downtime, lower operating and infrastructure costs and finally the ability to contemplate future evolutions of our platform with confidence.

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