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An analytical approach to respond to the following challenges:

  • What are the eligible perimeters of the IS, and towards what type of Cloud solution?
  • What modernization efforts must be made?
  • What targets budgets are to be expected?
  • Which transformation path to adopt?

3 types of offers

Flash audit & Mapping

  • Qualification of the scope of the study and collection of the related documentation (architecture, infrastructure & contract)
  • Audit and macroscopic mapping of the IS according to the eligible perimeters

Target modeling

  • Definition of evolution scenarios according to the perimeters of the IS (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud)
  • Definition of target macroscopic architectures with advantages, disadvantages and efforts to be provided according to each scenario

Roadmap definition

  • Definition of target budget envelopes (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Framing of the transformation program (alloted provisional planning)

The benefits

Efficiently obtain a mapping of your assets eligible for the Cloud
Have a transformation roadmap
Identify the costs of cloud transformation

The advantages of our methodology

IS audit and mapping
Modeling architectures and evolution scenarios
Definition of migration roadmap
Financial projection
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