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Migration to Azure and international deploymentUse case | Luxury company e-commerce website

Objectives and expected gains

The old version of the site was hosted in a data center in the Paris region. In order to support its international opening, our client wanted to modernize its site and automate its deployment in order to be able to easily instantiate it for 4 large regions in the world (EMEA, America, Asia, Pacific).
In this context Rampar migrated the site to Azure and fully automated its deployment.

Services provided

- Redesign of the technical architecture of the website in order to use as much Azure PaaS brick as possible and that the entire deployment can be automated,

- Creation of all scripts for automated infrastructure provisioning,

- Design and implementation of the CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) solution,

- Migration of the website and databases,

- Deployment of 3 versions of the site for EMEA, America and Asia plates.


- Immediate improvement of the overall performance of the website,

- Worldwide availability with the same level of performance,

- Website reliability,

- Deployment greatly simplified on the America and Asia plates.

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