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Outsourcing your data flows and applications to the cloud should provide you with flexibility and responsiveness. However, security must also meet your level of requirements by adapting to this new dynamic environment.

Our offer provides a security solution that meets the level of requirements that you have set up for your On-Premise infrastructures and fully meets the principles of the public cloud: Automation, self-adaptability and alignment with your business needs.

We use technologies that will protect your data and applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with the best threat detection and prevention rate on the market.

Our approach

Extending your security to the cloud

to the cloud

  • ISO protection: Azure protection aligned to your On-Premise requirements.
  • Significant ROI: capitalize on your On-Premise experience for your Azure deployment
  • Standardized management: a unified console for managing On-Premise and Cloud protections.

Protect your Azure Cloud with the same level of demand as your physical infrastructure.

Agility &


  • Scalability & HA: adaptability according to demand, and high availability
  • DevOps oriented: automated deployment, self-adapting security policies, API
  • Flexible Licenses: flexible and agile licensing system

Give security the flexibility your developers demand.



  • Firewall, IPS, Anti-malware: protection against unauthorized access and network attacks
  • IPSecVPN: secure connection between your corporate network and Azure
  • Zero-DayProtection: advanced protection against advanced attacks

Protect your public cloud against the most sophisticated threats with advanced technology.

Our commitments

The benefit of unified visibility into threats, security status, and incidents in the Azure cloud and across your physical infrastructure.
Complete protection of your Azure outsourcing aligned with your Agility principles and your DevOps teams.
A unique tool to easily manage the security of your Cloud and your legacy infrastructures
Continuous and advanced protection against new and existing threats.
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