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Site modernization and migration to AzureUse case | Printemps Listes

Objectives and expected gains

The Printemps Listes website is the digital interface for the wedding list and all-occasion gifting services offered by Printemps. Printemps wanted to modernize its site by migrating it to the Azure Cloud in order to:

- simply add new functional bricks that are difficult to implement on the old platform,

- improve website security and comply with the latest Printemps security standards,

- improve the scalability of the site and simplify its future evolutions.

In this context, Printemps and Rampar have redesigned the Printemps Listes website in two stages:

Phase 1: Migration of the site to Azure by separating the back and front functionalities and by updating the code for the latest versions of the middleware used

Phase 2: Implementation of a new UX in responsive design without affecting the business back office logic

Services provided

- Creation of all Azure resources (WAF, PaaS websites, databases, Key Vault, monitoring ...),

- Automation of build and deployment (creation of the build process, development of deployment scripts, deployment of new code on different environments),

- Migration of the site database,

- End-to-end publication and testing of the site.

The new environment is operated by Rampar teams 24/7/365.


- Improved website performance and security level,

- Improved website scalability,

- Implementation of new business functionalities in a short time and for a development cost much lower than the previous solution.

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