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Rampar is an elite partner of inWebo, which provides the most secure & agile MFA solution on the market

For the second year in a row, Rampar reinforces its partnership, an opportunity to come back to Inwebo’s key success solution: the MFA strong authentication.

Guillaume Absi, Channel Sales Manager at inWebo states:
Rampar is the historical partner of inWebo. Our teams know and appreciate each other and have been working together for almost 10 years. Rampar’s recognized expertise combined with inWebo’s technologies allow us to provide adapted and innovative answers to our customers’ cybersecurity and authentication challenges. I am thrilled that this relationship will continue and I am confident that 2022 will be another great year for our partnership!

Given the health and international context and the increase in teleworking, the requirements in the field of authentication have fundamentally changed. Remote access to applications, and therefore to data, needs to be protected by a device that is more robust than a simple login and password combination without complicating the user experience or even creating integration difficulties for IT teams.

Depending on the sector and usage, different levels of authentication are required, as well as different regulations and user access to technology. The PSD2 directive, for example, requires financial services to use strong customer authentication (SCA). End-user access to technology also requires companies to take steps to tailor their security to usage and facilitate their users’ login journey.

It is therefore relevant to choose an agile strong authentication solution (MFA), capable of adapting to all uses and IT environments. Not all MFA solutions are equal in terms of security, functionality and user experience.

So how do you protect access to your information system while ensuring a quality user experience and ease of integration?

Offered in SaaS mode, inWebo MFA is the perfect answer to this challenge: it guarantees data security and makes the user’s connection experience more fluid. Its unique and patented technology, which relies on dynamic and random keys with a zero life span, allows the brand to offer an exclusive token on the market: the browser token, also called Deviceless MFA.

About inWebo

InWebo has developed the most secure & agile multi-factor authentication (2FA / MFA) on the market to secure your B2B and B2C applications. InWebo’s Passwordless strong authentication solution provides comprehensive protection, verifying user identity, dramatically reducing the risk of data breaches, and applying adaptive policies to secure access to all applications.

The solution features unique MFA technology with zero-lifespan random keys and a highly secure offline mode. In short, InWebo secures your digital environment without any equipment constraint thanks to its SaaS mode operation and its multiple tokens. It enables multi-factor strong authentication without necessarily having a “device” (smartphone, tablet or physical key).

Why does Rampar recommend inWebo?

This is a major innovation for the MFA. Dynamic random keys make Deviceless MFA possible and most importantly, ultra-secure. This technology is unique, patented and certified by the ANSSI, which gives it the highest level of security on the market.

“We are very pleased to have achieved this high level of partnership. InWebo and RAMPAR have been partners since the beginning and we have worked together on many projects.

One of the great strengths of InWebo is the ability of the solution to adapt to multiple contexts. InWebo reinforces the security of the authentication, whatever the use cases.

This allows RAMPAR to offer its customers a simple and consistent user experience, whether for access to SaaS applications or nomadic needs. The openness of InWebo is also a key point for us, integrator. It gives us the possibility to fine-tune the solution to our customers’ needs”.

Benoit Vérove, Partner at Rampar

About Rampar

Rampar is a major French player in Integration and Managed Services in the areas of Cybersecurity, Cloud and Infrastructures. Our teams provide solutions to the digital challenges that are omnipresent among their customers. In an ever-changing technological environment, our network, security and cloud experts keep a constant watch, driven by a passion for technology.

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