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After months of preparation and a lot of hard work from the teams, Rampar obtains the Microsoft Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Azure certification! Only a few Microsoft partners have obtained it worldwide.
Marc Berger and Benjamin Yaghoobian review this certification below.
Marc Berger


Benjamin Yaghoobian

Benjamin Yaghoobian

How long have you been a Microsoft partner?

Rampar has been a Microsoft partner for several years, it is a historical partner on several of its solutions.

What does this partnership involve?

This partnership allows us to position ourselves with Microsoft on Cloud migration projects for customers who want to evolve their IS.

We took the next step in the partnership last February, having achieved the Advanced Specialization Certification of Linux and Database Open Source Migration to Azure.

For the uninitiated, what does this certification mean? What does it involve?

This certification attests to our skills and experience in Cloud migration projects on Azure.

It reflects two aspects:

On the one hand, our technical skills in Azure services and, as part of this certification, our expertise in open source Linux and database systems, as well as in continuous integration and deployment automation tools. On the other hand, our project methodology allows us to serenely and efficiently support our customers in their IS transformation projects.

Another important point: our methodology and expertise includes security integration on Azure, in all phases of the project. Security is an essential element of the IS, and the best approach is to include it from the beginning of the project to build robust and secure services

What are the advantages of having this certification over a non-certified company?

This certification is oriented towards open source systems, and few Microsoft partners have it today. Rampar is the only certified partner in France.

This certification attests to our efficient methodology for automating migrations and processes and guarantees that deadlines are met and that migrations run smoothly. We also have the same skills on Windows systems, where our use of Azure services and tools and our project approach remain the same.

Thanks to this certification, what types of projects can you carry out with your clients?

Ultimately, the certification only confirms our already proven ability to support our customers in their migration projects to the Azure Cloud. We are able to cover the different ways to achieve this:

  • Mass migration projects from legacy systems to Azure, including Lift & Shift
  • Application redesign projects on Azure, usually called replatforming, where we transform legacy applications using Azure PaaS services and push automation to the max.

This certification is a first step for a long-term project with Microsoft, what are your plans after this certification?

We continue to build on the momentum of this certification by deepening our advanced specializations on these cloud topics. We also plan to strengthen our partnership with Microsoft.

Rampar is a Microsoft Gold partner, the highest level of partnership, including Azure Cloud Platform and Application development competencies at the Gold level. Rampar is also a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Tier-1.

Thanks to its 18 certified engineers, Rampar is specialized in the accompaniment of projects of migration towards the Cloud.

In addition, Rampar is an authorized mobility SPLA partner.

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